Poll: Are you set up to work from home?

In 2020, businesses see remote working as more than just a trend or a potential response to a crisis.

By Ian Curran

COVID-19 PANIC MAY have shined a spotlight on remote working practices this week, with Google testing “operational readiness” by telling its 8,000 Dublin employees to work from home. 

Far from being just a potential crisis response, business people and workers alike are increasingly taking the view that the practice can help solve issues of a more basic, everyday variety. 

Improving productivity and work-life balance as well as reducing onerous commute times are just some of the reasons why Irish companies – like Axonista and Bank of Ireland – are rolling out remote and flexible working schemes.

Once seen as a luxury, working from home is now becoming a fact of Irish life. Recent data from Indeed revealed that the number of Irish people searching for jobs using the term ‘remote working’ increased by 171% in the year 2016-2017 and that 5% of Irish tech roles were being advertised as having no fixed location.

Up-to-date data on the prevalence of remote working is hard to come by but the Central Statistics Office have agreed to include a question in Census 2021 to measure the number of days people work from home every week.

With that in mind, we are asking Fora.ie readers this week: Are you set up to work from home?

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