Poll: Should native tech companies be given State supports to help attract staff?

Some indigenous firms are struggling to match salary expectations alongside rising living costs.

By Conor McMahon Deputy editor, Fora

IN AN ALREADY tight labour market, the announcement of thousands of multinational jobs in recent months has sparked fresh concerns for indigenous companies searching for talent.

Some CEOs of growth-stage companies – like Digit boss Richard Barnwell – say recruitment drives by the likes of Salesforce and Facebook are piling pressure on their ability to attract valuable staff and having a knock-on effect on the cost of living.

Barnwell said mature companies like his don’t have the “financial clout” of bigger outfits to absorb these costs.

“We don’t get tax breaks, we don’t get nice new shiny offices, working with the IDA, we’re not getting assistance in any shape or form,” he recently told Fora.

However, there are some State supports provided on a sector-by-sector basis, which Barnwell acknowledged. 

It could also be argued that the government prioritises foreign investment because multinationals employ large numbers of people and their presence boosts Ireland’s reputation, as demonstrated by VidMob’s decision to ditch London for Dublin.

With that in mind, we’re asking Fora readers this week: Should native tech companies be given State supports to help attract staff?