Poll: Would you favour a company based on its green credentials?

Businesses and policymakers are coming under pressure to transition to a low carbon economy.

By Fora Staff

IT MIGHT NOT be easy being green, but it isn’t just policymakers that are coming under pressure to bolster Ireland’s environmental credentials

The country is struggling to meet its carbon emission reduction targets, with business organisations such as Ibec recognising the urgent need to transition to a competitive, low carbon economy - while the State has its own plans for how it is going to meet its greenhouse gas targets.

Efforts by movements such as Extinction Rebellion have shown how protests can pressure lawmakers, while voters showed their preferences as a green wave swept lots of new politicians into office last month.

For businesses, there are few greater incentives for change than customers and clients voting with their feet. While plenty of businesses have made efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, other’s have found Irish companies slow to embrace shifts such as towards the circular economy

With this is mind, this week we are asking Fora readers: Would you favour a company based on its green credentials?