Poll: Will you cancel a business trip because of Covid-19?

Some companies have gone so far as to ban all international travel for employees

By Ian Curran

DOOM AND GLOOM are the order of the day thanks to the Covid-19 crisis and anyone looking to the business pages for reprieve from alarming headlines will be left wanting. 

With global markets lurching wildly, forecasters downgrading predictions and business owners sounding alarm bells, there has been no shortage of troubling news on the economic front. Even the dreaded ‘r’ word has re-entered the public lexicon as fear of a coronavirus-sparked recession spreads.

Perhaps the most disruptive short-term outcome for business has been the cancellation of numerous trade shows, conferences, business trips and, of course, flights.

Google has gone so far as to ban all international business travel for employees, with Twitter and car-maker Ford nixing all ‘non-essential’ trips.

With that in mind, we are asking Fora.ie readers this week: Will you cancel or have you already cancelled a business trip because of the Covid-19 outbreak?

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