Poll: Do you feel under pressure to work extra hours?

It might relieve the pressure of work demands, but working overtime has its downsides.

By Laura Roddy Reporter, Fora

IT’S NOT EASY  to turn off those email notifications and get away from your workload once you walk out the office door.

A Morgan McKinley report published last week showed the majority of Irish professionals feel “obliged” to work overtime – without additional pay. According to the report, technology and an “always-on” workplace are to blame for the behavior. 

While people might feel like there is a lot to catch-up on sending that one email or finishing that paperwork just before hopping into bed, long term the affects might not be so good. Constantly being switched on has its downsides, and can put a lot of pressure on employees, leading to other issues like burnout

With this is mind, this week we are asking Fora readers: Do you feel under pressure to work extra hours?