Lidl is in trouble for selling 'fresh' fish that was really frozen in Namibia

The complaint related to Lidl’s Inismara brand of seafood products.

By Fora Staff

RETAILER LIDL HAS received a slap on the wrist from the advertising watchdog for an ad hailing the supermarket chain’s ‘fresh’ fish.

The Advertising Authority of Ireland (ASAI) received a complaint about the German discounter’s sales pitch for its Inismara brand of fish products.

The range includes hake, cod fillets and breaded cod fillets, and included the tagline: “Same great taste, same great value … fresh new look!”

Irish seafood wholesaler Nicholas Lynch, which trades as Nick’s Fish, claimed the ad was misleading because the hake came from Namibia, in Africa, while the cod was sourced from the Barents Sea in the Arctic.

The company said the word “fresh” wasn’t appropriate as the fish had been frozen at source – and then defrosted again for sale.

In response, Lidl said the term has been used in the advertising copy because the company thought it was legal. It added that the defrosted nature of the products was indicated on the relevant labelling.

When it was made clear to the company that its ‘fresh’ claim was not correct, Lidl removed the word from its defrosted fish products.

The ASAI concluded that the ads were in breach of advertising standards as they were likely to mislead consumers. However, as they had already been amended the watchdog said no further action was needed.

Written by Cianan Brennan and posted on