Lidl has been taken to task for advertising a 'cashmere' jumper with only 3% of the wool

The state’s advertising watchdog upheld a complaint about the product.

By Fora Staff

THE ADVERTISING STANDARDS Authority for Ireland (ASAI) has upheld a complaint against Lidl over the amount of cashmere in a jumper sold by the German discount chain.

The shop listed the “classic and elegant” men’s jumper as “fine-knit cashmere” in its advertising. It cost €16.99 and came in four different colours.

The ASAI noted in its quarterly bulletin that a complainant was ”surprised to see from the packaging that the jumper contained only 3% cashmere” on closer inspection.

In response, Lidl said its description of the jumper was fair as the item in question was fine knit and contained cashmere.

The shop said the description reflected the retail-industry norm for items containing such materials. Lidl said it never referred to the garment as being 100% cashmere and its packaging clearly stated the percentage of cashmere it contained.

‘Not misleading’ 

Lidl provided further examples in its response, including a ‘cashmere throw’ which contained 20% cashmere and a jumper described as a ‘lambswool’ which contained 50% wool.

The advertiser said it had not misled customers at any point and added that the product description was fair and accurate, particularly given the item’s packaging and price.

The ASAI said examined the use of the description ‘cashmere’ in a range of advertising by other retailers. It noted that where the product was not pure cashmere the description made this clear, for example by stating it was cashmere and cotton or cashmere and merino.

The organisation declared the ad misleading and ordered the company not to repeat the claims in the same format again.

The latest finding follows a complaint upheld against Lidl in the ASAI’s previous bulletin. The grocery chain received a slap on the wrist in February for advertising ‘fresh’ fish that was really frozen in Namibia.

Reporting by Órla Ryan and Peter Bodkin.

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