Iconic Offices is offering members a passport to visit hot desks in its other Dublin locations

The new service, called passport to roam, launched this week.

By Laura Roddy Reporter, Fora

ICONIC OFFICES HAS launched a “roaming” facility to allow its co-working clients to use hot desks at different locations throughout the city. 

The new service, called “passport to roam”, launched this week and is available across six of its 15 flexible-working spaces around Dublin city center.

These include the largest space in its portfolio, which opened last month, the Masonry on Thomas Street, as well as its other offices across Dublin 2. 

The company is also set to launch another flexible working space in the Lennox Building on Richmond Street, which was sold last week to Swiss Life for €27 million. 

Speaking to Fora, founder Joe McGinley said the idea of hotdesk hopping wasn’t something that the company had intended to set up from the outset, but clients have been requesting it.

“The benefit is driven by the fact (that) a member has a hot desk in the Silicon Docks but they have a meeting in town and they might have a meeting later that day, so they can work out of one of our locations in town,” he said. 

The service is available for co-working members at the moment but down the line they may make it available for members who have office spaces within Iconic’s locations. 

McGinley said one of the trends he sees is larger household names are now viewing co-working space “as part of their real-estate strategy”. 

“They still have their headquarters but they are looking at flexible working space as a way to house large projects or if they want to get certain teams exposed to different ways of working, if they want to give them a change,” he said.

He also added that others are using co-working space to help them as they recruit more staff, but have not yet found a new premises or are between leases. 

Growth in office shares

With an influx of flexible office space companies entering Dublin in recent weeks,  including Knotel, McGinley said the company is not feeling an impact. 

“Certainly there is more supply in the market, it has just not trickled through to impact performance,” McGinley said. 

In 2019 the company expects to grow by 50%, with McGinley saying it is increasing work spaces by 1300 across the Masonry and the Lennox Building. 

Though nothing has been signed for later this year, the company intends to keep expanding in Dublin – and plans to move abroad are also on the cards. 

McGinley said the company is also looking at a number of buildings in Netherlands and Germany but has not signed anything yet. 

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