Poll: Do you think Dublin's public transport system is confusing for tourists?

Fáilte Ireland says a lack of signage for services like the Dart and Luas leaves tourists stranded.

By Killian Woods Reporter, Fora

STATE TOURISM AGENCY Fáilte Ireland has claimed that droves of tourists are struggling to find their way around the Irish capital.

At an event last week, Fáilte Ireland’s Mark Rowlette said a lack of signage and information for tourists about Dublin’s public transport leaves many visitors lost and unable to navigate the city.

Highlighting one specific example he came across during research into the issue, he said it took some tourists at Dublin airport up to 20 minutes to find their way out of the terminal.

Rowlette said that the state agency has a plans in the works to fix the issue and create a ‘visitor orientation strategy’.

However, it’s not just tourists who can’t navigate the Irish capital, according to Rowlette.

He said Dubliners also “haven’t a clue how to get around the city by public transport”, which probably doesn’t help lost tourists looking for a point in the right direction towards the nearest Luas stop.

With that in mind, we’re asking Fora readers this week: Do you think Dublin’s public transport system is confusing for tourists?