Poll: Do you favour a work-life balance over career progression?

Attitudes to working-around-the-clock are changing.

By Laura Roddy Reporter, Fora

AS MANY A seasoned pro might tell you, burning the midnight oil in work shouldn’t seem so bad when you know it’s going to lead to a bonus or a faster climb up the ladder. 

A recent Morgan McKinley survey showed that working extra hours is the norm for a lot of Irish people, with almost half of all respondents saying they worked up to an extra 10 hours a week.

Overtime might be the norm in many industries, but as employee well-being and a work-life balance become more than just buzzwords, people are starting to questions what’s more important.

This week a survey of Ireland’s 2019 graduate pool by Universum, which was working with IrishJobs.ie, showed that Generation Z workers – those who entered adulthood after 2010 – favour work-life balance more so than career progression.

Keeping this in mind we are asking Fora readers this week: Do you favour a work-life balance over career progression?