Poll: Do you think a tightening labour market will curb Ireland's business growth plans?

Amid a shortage of available workers, companies could feel the squeeze.

By Zuzia Whelan Reporter, Fora

IBEC’S LATEST QUARTERLY economic outlook report brought us news this week that constraints right across the economy are hitting companies’ enlargement plans.

We’ve had a few years of strong growth, largely down to investment from business, moderate inflation and a bump in employment and wages. 

But “congestion” around housing, transport and childcare is proving a tight squeeze for Ireland’s workforce, so with more workers needed in a shrinking pool, businesses are having to fight for them.

An economist at global job site Indeed has predicted that the number of people classified as out of work in the Irish economy is predicted to fall below 100,000 next year. It is getting harder, it seems, to attract – and retain – talent.

This week we’re asking Fora readers: Do you think a tightening labour market will curb Ireland’s business growth plans?

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