Poll: Are you concerned technology will replace your job?

Some say the fear of robots stealing jobs is misguided.

By Laura Roddy Reporter, Fora

COULD A ROBOT take your job? As automation technology develops apace, how many jobs could be replaced has become a key question.

Some say it’s not all bad, that technology will make more jobs available, but others worry about the impact on the workforce. 

The effect of automation won’t just be on production lines – last week, a Wells Fargo study stated that technological efficiencies could result in a massive reduction in headcount across the US banking industry, with an estimated 200,000 job cuts over the next decade.

Closer to home, a study by University College Cork published last February stated that two out of every five jobs across Ireland are at high risk because of automation. 

While it’s apparent that technology is changing the workplace, some argue that new jobs could replace many of the ones that are lost. 

Keeping that in mind, Fora is asking our readers this week: Are you concerned technology will replace your job?

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