All you need to know about how to sculpt a compelling online pitch

When it comes to making a pitch video for online, it’s the seconds that count.

By Sandy Sheerin Co-founder, VidPitch

ONLINE PITCH CAMPAIGNS that use video raise, on average, 114% more funding than those without.

That’s according to Indiegogo and it shows how powerful video pitching is and the huge difference between just putting up an image and text of a new product online and producing an engaging and appealing video.

Video pitching isn’t exactly a new concept. Just think of the infomercials era that proved hugely successful back in the 1980s. They resonated with audiences by providing an interactive demonstration, usually including its creator.

For most people, it can feel unnatural to speak down the long lens of a camera without having an interactive audience. Entrepreneurs find it even more difficult to explain their product when they are not getting a live reaction from a human.

But if they can thrust their personality into their video and create interesting content, they are much more likely to win over backers.

Here’s how to create a compelling video pitch that will captivate viewers to find out more about your new business.

Gone in 60 seconds

It’s the seconds that count in your pitch, not the minutes. The first 20 seconds have to be the most impactful.

If viewers aren’t intrigued by around 60 seconds, you have lost them forever. People’s attention spans are short, very short.

For those that remain, keep it to about 2 minutes. With a good concise pitch, you can easily do that and pique their curiosity to learn more about your idea.

Don’t be shy

If you’re in it, you have a better chance of winning it.

Video pitches that feature founders consistently rank higher with audiences and backers than those that don’t.

Remember, don’t just talk into the camera though, mix it up between you, your product and a demo.

Energise (but just a little)

Too many presenters deliver their pitch in a monotone monologue while others race through in an overly excitable manner.

Find a good balance with your body language and tone of voice that lets your personality come through and give out some good vibes and energy.

Avoid buzz words

A lot of people fall into this trap. Words such as ‘brand new’, ‘exciting’ and ‘innovative’ are overused and don’t have a lot of credibility to audiences anymore.

Be more creative in your descriptive words and adjectives and don’t fall back on the generic terms that won’t grab people’s attention.


Try to find a very clever way of putting your message through your video. Backers want to be impressed by both you and your idea.

If you have taught them something interesting and can back it up with your knowledge and smarts, then you are halfway to getting their money.

Relate to your audience

Most new products or services are about solving a problem. Showing your audience an irritating or annoying issue allows them to relate more to your product.

This will inspire and engage your audience through an emotional bond and get them to share your story with their own network.

Learn from the best

Take the time to watch other video pitches that were very successful and see how they did it.

Sugru is a great example where Irish female entrepreneur Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh successfully raised €4.1 million on Crowdcube with her video.

Her pitch features an impressive demonstration of her product and her speaking about its uses.

Then, Be Unique

Your product is supposed to be different from everyone else’s, so make sure your pitch has its own angle.

Showcase your idea in a way that brings out both the product and you.


Don’t insult your crowd with bad lighting and sound.

No one expects high-end video production, but avoid common mistakes like dim lighting, poor sound quality or background noise.

A poor quality video sends a message that you don’t really care enough about how your business or product is perceived.

Script it out

Instead of just jumping on camera and winging it, try to have a good outline of what you want to say so that you don’t leave out any important or key points.

The beauty of video pitches is you get to edit, reshoot and edit again like you don’t with a live audience. So make sure you get it just right.

Sandy Sheerin is the co-founder of VidPitch.