Poll: Do you think you'd be more productive with a four-day work week?

There has been calls for a four-day working week with companies worldwide deciding to cut office hours.

By Laura Roddy Reporter, Fora

THE PERPETUAL THREE-DAY weekend could become a reality for some workers at home and abroad as businesses look to drop a day from staff’s working weeks.

Galway recruitment firm ICE Group recently made the move towards rolling out a four-day work week in the hope of boosting productivity and making staff happier.

The measure certainly worked out well for New Zealand real estate firm Perpetual Guardian, which found that the vast majority of its workers reporting an improved work-life balance.

While the four-day work week has proven to be an attractive option for some, others are a bit more concerned about its implementation.

Biomedical research charity Wellcome Trust reversed its decision to shift towards a four-day work week, noting that the move didn’t necessarily suit everyone in the organisation.

Maeve McElwee, director of employee relations at business lobby group Ibec, told Fora the four-day working week will not suit every business, particularly those that operate a 24/7 schedule.

Keeping this in mind, Fora is asking readers this week: Do you think you’d be more productive with a four-day work week?