Poll: Do you think education properly prepared you for your career?

Irish industry is changing and there are fears that education isn’t moving in the same direction.

By Laura Roddy Reporter, Fora

IT’S NO SECRET that there is a skills gap in Ireland. While the tech sector is booming, the labour market remains tight. 

Filling that gap is a major challenge and a report released by Accenture yesterday has highlighted that just one-third of businesses think that education is moving in the same direction as industry. 

Teachers and students look worried too. The Learning to Lead report showed students and teachers think the second level education system is struggling to keep up with the needs of the working world.

“If we want Ireland to continue to provide a talent pool for the innovative companies based here, as well as improve the prospects of home-grown businesses, we must think hard about what they will need,” Alastair Blair, the country managing director at Accenture Ireland, said. 

“We have a good education system in Ireland but, according to our report, there are challenges earlier in the education journey – particularly at second level – where the focus is more on aptitude than attitude,” he said. 

Keeping this in mind, we are asking Fora readers this week: Do you think education properly prepared you for your career?