Amazon has agreed a deal to buy all of the energy from a new windfarm in Cork

It is the second renewable energy deal the tech giant has secured with Invis Energy in Ireland.

By Laura Roddy Reporter, Fora

AMAZON HAS ANNOUNCED a deal to buy the entire energy output from a wind farm which is being built in Cork.

The development comes four months after the tech giant announced a similar deal in Donegal. Earlier today the company announced an agreement with developer, operator and owner Invis Energy – the same company that is over the Donegal operation. 

The Cork wind farm will provide 23.2 megawatts of energy when it is finished in 2020, which will help supply some of its centres in Ireland. 

The company is one of a number of large tech firms which is investing in renewable sources of energy as they seek to feed the power requirements of data centres – which draw large amounts of electricity. Companies including Amazon, Facebook and Google have all developed data centers in Ireland. 

Under the deal, Amazon will take 100% of all energy produced at the site at Eske. 

Amazon declined to answer a Fora request for comment on whether the energy produced from the new wind farm will meet the electricity requirements needed for the centres.  

Globally, Amazon now has 66 renewable energy projects. It also announced a solar farm in Virignia today. 

From its solar projects in the US, the company said it offsets the C02 equivalent of over 200 million miles of truck deliveries. 

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Kara Hurst, the director of sustainability at Amazon, said the company was committed to reducing climate change and will “continue to invest in these projects”. 

While, Minister for Cimate Action Richard Bruton said 70% of Irish electricity will come from renewable sources by 2030 under the climate action plan and industry leaders are “key” to helping achieve the target. 

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